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Genseipedia is an Encyclopedia, that anyone can edit!

The purpose of Genseipedia is to provide a public encyclopedia containing as much information as possible about Genseiryu and other martial arts! Pages on history, events, articles, reviews, experiences, techniques, dojos, people etc. are all welcome on Genseipedia and in any language.

You Can Also Help

Pages are created, written and edited by anyone willing. Serious contributions no matter how big or small are always welcome. Can you contribute in any way whatsoever by creating or editing pages, then please do.

Registration is required to edit Genseipedia and is easily done in just a few steps.

Genseipedia Administrator

Read about administrators and how to become one.


Genseipedia is multilingual, and may be written in any language by adding the language code at the end like so Genseiryu (da) for a page in Danish. After creating a page, you should include it in a language category suitable for that page such as Nederlands for Dutch or Dansk for Danish etc. If the particular language category does not exist yet, please feel free to create it.